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Horizon Germany GmbH i.Gr. is an independent consultation group, experienced in consulting activities in the field of project development with focus on offshore business promotion and infrastructure projects. 


We provide adequate tools and support toour customers to assist them to initiate and finally realize their project through different stages. Our core consultation services are focused on major industrial projects. We have healthy record of business activities in various geographic regions through direct and indirect of our business associates network in the past 10 years although Horizon Germany GmbH I.Gr. is relatively newly incorporated (in the process of registration / in Grunding) as to put together experiences, knowledge and business-network, earned, shaped and built in the course of 10 years, to form a new outlook.


We provide comprehensive professional consulting services, where projects needed to be addressed, such as primarilyresearch, business designand modeling, development planning and realization structure, from conceptual stage to execution phase.


Major business areas that we can provide tailor-made-solutions to our potential customers and clients arenamely:


-        Offshore Oil and Gas

-        Ports and harbors

-        Shipbuilding and acquisition

-        GeneralIndustries


In industrial sector there are 12 sub-sectors that we can also provide relatively professional servicesand therefore weare planning in having us established in the relative geographic locations:


Sub-sectors are namely:


-     Agriculture Industry

-     Chemical Industry

-     Construction Industry

-     Energy Industry

-     Food Industry

-     Health Care Industry

-     Hospitality Industry

-     Telecom Industry

-     Water Industry

-     Logistic and Retail Industry

-     Consumer products Industry

-     Mining Industry


There are also 4 other major services we can provide to our customer helping them from scratch to shaping their ideas, bringing them on the paper and through our comprehensive services then execute their plans. These services are:


1-   Feasibility report and business plan

2-   Project Management

3-   Technical evaluation and survey

4-   Business development

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    onsulting activities in the field of project development with focus on offshore business promotion a
    Landshuter Allee 8-10, 80637 München
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