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We are famous for our working culture and studio atmosphere. After all, if we can choose how we want to work, why not try for the best of all worlds? We call it the four Ps, as in:


We are enthusisastic about what we do and we want to keep it that way. So we work in a process that we like, work with people that we like, and make our studio a nice place to be.


We believe in the power of the group and build on everyone´s expertise and believes – we nurture as well as cherish our social environment.


New technologies offer so many possibilities – we at IXDS are inspired by this huge potential and are striving to help our clients and ourselves to make use of it in a human way.


We don’t think we know it all, and highly enjoy learning new things. So we take every chance to try out new approaches, engage in discussions — and play.

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